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There have been some AMAZING Guests In The Basement!


I have been blessed to have some of my favorite musical artists in the basement as well as other AMAZING! I'm excited just Thinking About the List. Well Here are a Few who have dropped by! No worries, I will be adding others to this list as time permits! It's been a wonderful ride so far! (click the pics above and see who else is in there)

Melba Moore
CeCe Peniston

Yes, the phenomenal actress, Tony Award Winner, grammy nominated wonderful woman of faith was on the show. She stayed on for a full 90 minutes! We LOVE Ms. Moore! Make sure you buy her new song, "What Can I Do To Survive?" Personally, I love the song and play it every chance I get.

Caron Wheeler

There are just no words for how much I love and respect this woman's talent and the beautiful person that she is. Soul II Soul without Caron Wheeler is like pizza without the cheese. So humble and so sweet. She allowed me to share 2 of her unreleased songs on the show and I'm telling you...You're gonna be mad you're not able to buy them! That's how hot they are. Caron we love you! 

Finally! Yo! We HAVE to have CeCe back on. Next time for a longer set, play more of her music and just vibe more. I LOVE her energy. She is super sweet, super sexy, and super sensational. Have you heard her new song, "Sick"? I hope you said yes, otherwise you're not listening to the show, because it's in steady rotation. CeCe! Please let's do it again soon!

Prince Amukamara

Starting Corner Back of the NY Football Giants graced us with his presence! He is the BOMB! One of my favorite players. I'm Big Blue All Day Baby! Prince is a really nice guy, talented with a serious work ethic. He's already one of the league's top Corners and is juggling to get better! Make it do what it do Prince! Love you Baby!

Robin S.
Tim Dillinger

Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by Robin S. She was so down to earth, open and honest. I felt her genuineness and will continue to support her music. She left me with this, "It's your party and keep sending invitations. People will come to your party." Somehow, I believe her. And Lord can this woman SING!!!

I love this man. He is an independent artist who sings gospel and R&B. He can absolutely blow! Soul singing with a beautiful falsetto! If you're not hip to his music, really check him out! Can sing his butt off! No he doesn't have blue eyes, but I call him "blue-eyed soul"!

Robert Risko

Ok, so you've seen the cartoons of your favorite celebrities, politicians and sports figures in magazines such as Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Playboy, and Esquire, right? The artist behind the cartoons is Robert Risko. An amazing talent and great person! A sweetheart!

Jessie Daniels

"Aint No Stopping Us Now!" Dominic McFadden is the son of the legend Gene McFadden of McFadden and Whithead. Dominic is also a prolific songwriter and producer. I learned so much about the music of McFadden and Whitehead speaking with Dominic who is now working with the legendary Melba Moore. Dom is now like family. A great guy and rare talent!

Archbishop Carl Bean

"Love Is A House and You Got The Key!" Jessie Daniels is one of the original members of The Force MDs. I first met him years ago on the Staten Island Ferry where him and the guys were singing prior to making it big. So proud of all of their accomplishments! Jessie, the world is yours for the taking Brother! 

Barbara Tucker

The undisputed Queen of House music! "Diva is not of EGO, Diva is a word derived from divinity. Diva is of God" I love her energy, her positive spirit, upbeat pulse and she has never told me no. She supports me and I will always support her! Thank you Barbara Tucker! You get it! We are here to heal!

This man is the father of a spiritual movement. Father of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement and a personal inspiration to me and thousands more. He is giving, intuitive, and generous of heart. He is "Dad" to many who have been cast out by their parents. "God Is Love and Love is for Everybody" the most valuable sentiment I have ever heard. Thank you! I too was "Born This Way"

Sarah Dash

LEGENDARY! Sarah Dash is an original member of the group Patti Labelle and The Bluebelles. She is also one third of the Legendary group LaBeLLe. Ms. Dash also has hits of as a soloist. She is a wonderful person, really sweet and I adore her! She left me with this, "your radio show is your ministry. You control what you minister to your listeners." Wow! A renewed sense of responsibility. For that I thank you and hope to have you on again soon!

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