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Cheryl and JaVonne


We met in 2004 and became inseparable within 2 months. Cheryl is a beautiful and talented singer with an angelic soprano singing voice. I on the other hand am a passonate songwriter who loves to perform. We began attending Unity Fellowship Church in New Brunswick, NJ and the spirit and energy of that church, inspired me to pen a collection of gospel songs. With Cheryl's voice and brilliant harmonic abilities and knowledge, we created our first CD, "We Are Here To Praise The Lord". Imagine that, ME writing a gospel CD! And yes, it was all created right here in the basement. Although it could have been produced better, we are both very proud of our first CD.  We eventually formed a band and our first major performance was at the Cotton Club in Harlem NY! WOW! I lost my voice right before we went on stage, but it came back right on time LOL! 
















After the gospel CD, we went outside of the basement to record another song I wrote for marriage equality. The song was initially a love song intended as a proposal to Cheryl. The original hook was "Don't care 'bout the law, it's you I adore." However, we changed it to "We must change the law, it's you I adore". We got together with our dear friend, film director Shari Carpenter and created the music video. FYI, Shari introduced us in 2004. The song can be purchased on itunes,, amazon, etc along with the entire EP with all original songs written by me :-)

Cheryl and JaVonne

At The Cotton Club

Cheryl sings "Safety"

The Cotton Club

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Not only does she sing beautifully, but she is a Tru Yoga Diva! You should check out her class...if you can handle it! (click the pic)

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