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My story

I am in my basement creating during my down time. This is my favorite place to be. I write songs, listen to music, edit video and host my radio program right here in my basement. I guess the radio show is my way of inviting everyone into the basement to hang out with me. I really am a loner and it's hard for me to be out and about and social sometimes. I invite people who interest me on the radio show. Most of the time, you will find some sort of creative person like a singer, poet, artist, etc spending time on the show chit chatting and listening to music, but I'm also interested in political issues as well and I love to eat.  Working out in the basement...well, I need to, which is why I invited Jai Davis on the show and will have her back on soon LOL! I'm writing a play and I'm really enjoying the radio show right now so definitely drop by and check it out! I love to support other artists, especially those whose art has touched me in some way.  I want you all to experience what I love and see for yourselves if you dig it too! 

Musical Influence

I am an avid Chaka Khan fan (Chakaholic), Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, Kirk Franklin, Billie Holiday. I guess those are the influences I can hear in my music but I'm probably influenced by a lot more. Miche Braden, I'm always wondering what she will think of my music, so I guess that's another influence. Otherwise, I love R&B, 60's, 70"s, 80's, 90's, 2000's music, jazz, Gospel, House, Dance and some Salsa!

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