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 Brunch In The Basement With  JaVonne


I believe it was in 2013 I became interested in interviewing interesting people. I would go out and interview artists and others, invite folkes in the basement to be interviewed and then edit the film and post. (see Basement Alumni for some of the videos) It was fun and kept me occupied but it was a lot of work. (Thanks Patrice for coming out there in the dead of winter with me :-) 


One day I asked a friend of mine to check out a new song I had written. She suggested that I hook up with a friend of hers who was a manager for recording artists. Turns out this friend, Magi Love, was paying for more time than she could use on blogtalk radio and asked if I wanted a spot. She hosts Turn it Up Tuesdays on Get Lifted Radio. She seemed cool, so I thought, "why not?  This can be another fun thing to do!" 

What's Going On With Nathan James

 I thought about what the show might be about. Why not just interview people I find interesting without the video taping and chasing folks all over town! I wanted the show to be entertaining of course, but informative as well. That's when I thought of adding Nathan James. He is an out and about proud advocate for gay rights. He is extremely intelligent. A man who keeps abreast of current affairs AND he's an author and journalist. He's a good person and is easy to get along with too! I created his intro music and the rest is history. Each Saturday, Nathan starts off our show with the weeks most pressing topics!

The G-Spot With

Meka Rae

Well now, Meka Rae, Meka Rae, Meka Rae. All I can say is she has the topics that I tune in for LOL! Meka is a Sex and Sensuality expert. A wonderfully smart and delightful southern young lady who raises topics such as...well, you have to tune in and listen for yourself. She even has me blushing. Always a lady and she has a great sense of humor as well as a great sense of herself. Meka is a mental health professional and she takes her work seriously. The topics are juicy to say the least, and as much fun as we may have listening, it gets real...really quick!

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